Pinnacle Industries is an Engineering Company with business offices in Korea and the United States. Specializing in engineering, Pinnacle Industries focuses on designs from conception to manufacturing. As a manufacturing company, Pinnacle Industries also utilizes many different types of machinery to create and produce our designs. Seeing as the equipment is readily available for use, Pinnacle Industries offers 3d printing services as part of our services package. Inquire to utilize Pinnacle Industries for producing your designs today.

Pinnacle Industries

Proven Success

Pinnacle has a network consisting of top manufacturing companies, government agencies for grants, certification firms as well as legal advice for unique projects. We are proud to extend our creative experiences to help serve clients of all types and sizes



Years of Experience

We’ve been creating solutions for many years, with countless successful cases to our name. Our international clients can count on our insatiable drive to overcome any obstacle to achieve a win. When our firm is heading a project, we help our feel comfortable by consistent updates as to project status, completion dates and also any new opportunities that may come from discoveries during our R&D process.



Crystal Clear Communication

By combining a fundamental understanding of the big picture with the complexity of daily interactions and experiences, our firm provides proactive solutions to a diversity of clients. 

Clear Direction

The Process

The Pinnacle Process

1. NDA

The Foundation

Confidentiality is the foundation for growth in a competitive world which is advancing at break neck speeds. If it is valuable to know then it is something to be protected



2. Patent Search

One of a Kind

Knowing the project we invest in are truly unique is the first step in proving the concept worth. Certified one-of-a-kind innovative designs give credit to Pinnacle industries truly unique vision and shows they are leaders in the new technology sector




3. Memorandum of Agreement


Knowing you have a one of a kind project can be exciting yet scary if there is no security your partners are yours. An MOA secures and ties the project for a reasonable period of time so can feel at ease knowing their future.


4. Contract & Patent

The Marriage

After the prototype is proven it comes time to patent the concept and sign the contracts which lock in all parties for the journey ahead


5. Manufactured Design

The Final Product

The manufactured version of the designs are made, certified then given to the marketing team for showing to potential buyers, licensing firms and government agencies.


6. Patent Holding


Every project comes to a conclusion. At Pinnacle the conclusion of the work is at the licensing or manufacturing stages where the creations are then secured to a specific market and a management company is put in place to continue to grow your investment indefinitely

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